The Real Score Between A Headhunter and Direct Application

As the recruiting trends have evolved throughout the years, from then purchasers recruiters are now considered marketers, thus, recruitment marketing.  Competition in hiring the best talent is getting tough everyday, companies have improved compensation and benefit packages, the nature of jobs make people more competent, offers and working environment continuously improve, it’s just getting better.  Employers must be given the chance to present their company and what they can offer to applicants.

Given the commuting situation in the Philippines, sometimes it just makes one too lazy to go out and find a job –BUT their need to find a job and earn is still there! That’s where headhunters come in – they find your best match based on your “employment wishlist” and give you insider information of what’s available at the comfort of your home.

Here’s a realistic list of reasons why headhunters are better than direct application:

  1. They are career counselors, they may interview you, but they try to understand your needs and match it with what they have.
  2. There is no money out.  Legit headhunters understand that people look for jobs and money should not flow out like water.  Legit headhunters are compensated by their clients to find the best candidates to fit their openings AND will NEVER ASK MONEY FROM THE APPLICANT.
  3. The applicant and the company are both clients.  Headhunters serve two clients at the same time and therefore MUST balance servicing.  They need to make sure that they fill the positions open and must ensure that the applicant’s are happy with the matching.
  4. They help save money.  Not all information are provided in job ads, of course as an ad it must be short and sweet, go get insider information from your headhunter/career counselor.  You only need to spend on fare and food when going to your perfect match.
  5. They’re there to support your employment and the goal is to make you stay.  As a quality control of companies, they make sure that they are given good hires by their partner headhunter by measuring their retention rate.  How long do their referrals stay in a company?

With all the honest to goodness reasons enumerated, we certainly hope that your eyes and hearts have been opened to talking to headhunters, like us!  We all have the same goal, it’s to get as much people employed the soonest possible time!  Talk soon!

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